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BMO Laddered Corporate Bond Fund - Advisor  
Fund Profile
Net Assets ($MM) (Jan 31, 2016) $554.62
Price (NAV) (Feb 12, 2016) $9.6994
YTD Return (Jan 31, 2016) -0.12 %
12 Month Low/High $9.70 / $9.95
Management Expense Ratio (MER) 1.47%
Eligibility RRSP / RESP / RIF / TFSA / RDSP / Non-Reg
Date Started Jun 01, 2012
ISC GGF99152
DSC GGF97152
Low Load GGF98152
F Class
Minimum Initial Investment $500
Minimum Additional Investments $50
Continuous Savings Plan (CSP) Amount $50

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Fund Facts
Financial Reports and Other Important Information
  Investment Objectives
 This fund’s objective is to provide a relatively stable level of investment income consistent with a portfolio of Canadian fixed income securities, more or less equally allocated across maturities ranging from 1 to 5 years. This is commonly known as a “laddered” portfolio.

Why Buy This Fund
  • A laddered bond strategy spreads reinvestment risk over the long term and reduces the impact of changing interest rates by averaging them out

BMO Investments Inc. intends to waive a portion of the fees listed in the prospectus to meet a current target MER of approximately 1.47%. This current target MER could be subject to change should BMO Investments Inc. decide not to waive fees in future years.

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